The Game Server Control Panel

Check out the game server control panel demo and features


Modify every aspect of your game control panel. Change the code, design, operation - whatever you want!

Total Control

Not just a game panel! Control 100's of types of services all of them from one central location.


Help your customers quickly! An Integrated support system gives you the tools you need in a game panel.


Automate your ordering and billing processes within your game control panel or use the API.

Two versions, one game control panel

GameCP comes in a Basic and Full version. Full includes ordering, billing, support & the API (required for WHMCS).

Admin Features

  • Automatic User Creation
  • Manual User Creation
  • Queue System
  • Server Control
  • Add-on Control
  • Multiple games per user
  • Repair User
  • Command Control
  • Automated Game Installer
  • Game Configurations
  • Machine Controls
  • Team speak Support
  • Ventrilo Support
  • Voice User Only
  • File Manager
  • Game Manager
  • Machine Graphs
  • Game Server Graphs
  • Advanced Server Monitor
  • Multiple User Levels
  • Templated
  • Multiple Game Installer
  • Game Config Creation
  • Advanced Server Allocation
  • Advanced Port Allocation
  • Support for
  • Custom Actions per Game
  • E-mail Manager
  • Billing User Only
  • Support System
  • Order System
  • API System
  • Company Charges
  • Server Overview

Client Features

  • Sub User Accounts
  • Custom Start Mode
  • Custom Start Variables
  • Edit Start Mode
  • Add-on control
  • Mod changer
  • Multiple Games
  • Voice Server Control
  • Live Game Console
  • Cancel Account
  • Password Control
  • File Manager
  • Map Manager
  • Config Manager
  • Rcon Control
  • Server Control
  • Game Server Graphs
  • Game Server Tracker
  • Templated
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Billing System
  • Order System

Full   Full & Basic

GameCP Products

GameCP is priced monthly & yearly, per machine or with unlimited machines.
Check out the game control panel features & start your own trial to see it for yourself.


PHP 5.3 - 5.5 Required



  • 1 Remote Install
  • Control 100's of service types
  • Windows & Linux Compatible
  • Unlimited Services



  • All the basic features +
  • Integrated Billing
  • Automated Ordering
  • Integrated Support
  • Full API & Modules



  • Unlimited Remotes
  • Basic Version
  • Perfect if you have 6+ machines

Source Code

$2,995One time

  • Unlimited Remotes
  • No License checks
  • No Renewals
  • Frontend Code Only
  • Non-distributable license

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Looking for GameCP XV?

GameCP XV is available in source code form only for a one time fee of $5,000 to registered EU/US businesses. Tweet @gamecp to be contacted.
See GameCP XV in action on youtube!

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