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Modify every aspect of your control panel. Change the code, design, operation - whatever you want!

Total Control

Not just a game panel! Control 100's of types of services all of them from one central location.


Help your customers quickly! An Integrated support system gives you the tools you need.


Automate your ordering and billing processes within your game control panel or use the API.

Two versions, one game control panel

GameCP comes in a Basic and Full version. GameCP Full includes, ordering, billing, support & the API (required for WHMCS).

Admin Features

  • Automatic User Creation
  • Manual User Creation
  • Queue System
  • Server Control
  • Add-on Control
  • Multiple games per user
  • Repair User
  • Command Control
  • Automated Game Installer
  • Game Configurations
  • Machine Controls
  • Team speak Support
  • Ventrilo Support
  • Voice User Only
  • File Manager
  • Game Manager
  • Machine Graphs
  • Game Server Graphs
  • Advanced Server Monitor
  • Multiple User Levels
  • Templated
  • Multiple Game Installer
  • Game Config Creation
  • Advanced Server Allocation
  • Advanced Port Allocation
  • Support for
  • Custom Actions per Game
  • E-mail Manager
  • Billing User Only
  • Support System
  • Order System
  • API System
  • Company Charges
  • Server Overview

Client Features

  • Sub User Accounts
  • Custom Start Mode
  • Custom Start Variables
  • Edit Start Mode
  • Add-on control
  • Mod changer
  • Multiple Games
  • Voice Server Control
  • Live Game Console
  • Cancel Account
  • Password Control
  • File Manager
  • Map Manager
  • Config Manager
  • Rcon Control
  • Server Control
  • Game Server Graphs
  • Templated
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Billing System
  • Order System

Full   Full & Basic

GameCP Products

GameCP is priced monthly & yearly, per machine or with unlimited machines.
Check out the panel features & control panel demos or start your own trial to see it for yourself.



  • 1 Remote Install
  • Control 100's of service types
  • Windows & Linux Compatible
  • Manage files, configs & mods
  • Live Service Console
  • Unlimited Services



  • 1 Remote Install
  • All the basic features +
  • Integrated Billing
  • Automated Ordering
  • Integrated Support
  • Full API & Modules



  • Unlimited Remotes
  • Basic Version
  • Perfect if you have 6+ machines
  • Priority Support Tickets
  • Phone, Live Chat & Skype Support
  • 1 hr/m on-server support

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GameCP is a web-based PHP & MySQL control panel for game & voice servers. You could call it a 'game panel', 'game control panel', 'game hosting control panel', 'game server control panel', 'gameserver panel' or 'game server panel' but we like to call it GameCP.

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  • 1.4.59 Released: Fixes ts3 issues with missing ban data and will always generate a new token even if one doesn't exist.
  • 1.4.58 Released: Fixes location selection on 'step2' of order form & sub-users link shown in footer when disabled.
  • 1.4.57 Released: Updated GameQ to latest revision, includes 12 new protocols including Murmur, Rust & Starbound.
  • Do you have a Full or Basic license? Have you used GameCP X for at least 3 months? Sign-up to beta test GameCP XV!
  • 1.4.55 Released: Fixes users online dash module permissions issue & config builder failing to save

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